Wood Plank Entry Wall

DIY Wood Plank Wall

  This post is longggggg past due – I think I actually completed this wall in July/August of last year…woops! It was relatively painless and made SUCH a big difference to the entry of the house! …alright. Here’s the before:… Continue Reading

DIY Glass Top Makeup Vanity (The Best Thing I’ve Ever Built!)

DIY Glass Top Makeup Vanity

Warning: This post is pic heavy!! I was a little bummed today after I found out there were some technical issues with my blog, and my last post about our new farmhouse dining table disappeared. But I’m so excited about… Continue Reading

Past Projects

DIY Mason Jar Organizer www.thetarragonahouse.com

The house is still in a bit of disarray since the laundry room floor is still not fixed. The contractor wasn’t able to find matching flooring anywhere in town or online…fortunately, they let us pick out new flooring in the color… Continue Reading

Staircase Makeover: Part II

Staircase makeover - carpet to hardwood for less than $250! www.thetarragonahouse.com

Last week was, we’ll say…not ideal. Work life has been wearing on me, and to make matters worse, the week started off with one of our service providers hitting a water pipe in our laundry room. Yes, the same laundry room… Continue Reading

Staircase Makeover: Part I

Staircase makeover - carpet to hardwood. www.thetarragonahouse.com

When we moved into the house, the stairs and second floor were carpeted. It’s evident that the carpet had been replaced at some point in time, so definitely not the original carpet from when the house was built in 2006. Could… Continue Reading

The Laundry Room Makeover

The laundry room. It become a thorn in my side the moment I came home to find the new washer and dryer stacked in the near corner. The room is TINY, but with 10ft ceilings, like the rest of the… Continue Reading