How to Make Your Own Wedding Signs

Our DIY Wedding Signs

Hands down, my favorite wedding project was making signs. I’m always worried about putting quotes and sayings in the house that might come off as cheesy, but I think signage gives an event that extra oomph.

“Love is Sweet” – our dessert table sign

I am a bit disappointed that our photographer didn’t grab any photos of our reception entryway with the greenery and florals our florist had added to the welcome sign. Our amazing videographer did catch the entry in his video, so I was able to look back at how everything appeared to our guests.

FYI this post is Cricut heavy, but there are lots of ways to get the same look with chalk markers if you’re confident in your tracing or hand-lettering skills. (As a side note: if you don’t own a Cricut or Silhouette, it is an amazing investment!)

Where to Find Mirrors and Frames

We had a Fall wedding, and I envisioned a palette of white/creams/gold (and garnet florals) with lots of vintage touches. I always feel so fortunate that we live in a very old city with tons of antique and thrift shops, and you all know that I’m also a huge fan of Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

Every single one of our signs was found at one of the above – none were purchased new. The most expensive piece was this ornate white mirror that cost only $60!

When looking for pieces for your signs, think about how large you want the sign to be and how you’re going to display it. We had some display easels given to us and there were some available to use at the venue.

The Wedding Signs

How to Make Your Own Wedding Signs
Caricatures, dessert table, welcome, and photo booth signs

All of our wedding signs were made to match our invitations, which I used the font, Adelicia Script, on. There are tons of beautiful free fonts available on the web, but I just happened to get this paid one as part of the daily “gifts” through an email subscription to Creative Fabrica. I honestly can’t remember at this point what the other font on the welcome sign is, but the sans serif on the photo booth and caricatures sign is one of my go-tos: Century Gothic.

The caricatures sign is actually an old photo frame I picked up for a couple bucks from my favorite thrift shop – this is actually the same piece recycled from my “drinks” sign from the engagement party.

Engagement Party Signs

Engagement party signs and decor

My parents threw us a big party in my hometown with lots of food, drinks, and people – but, we were still massively saving for the wedding, so the decor had to be done on the cheap.

This is a 16×20 wood panel photo I had printed at Walgreens with one of their 50% off coupons and got it for only $25! It’s still hanging in our house. The font is Nazeefa, and I used the Cricut Gold Adhesive Foil (my fav).

DIY Wedding Signs

It seems a little silly to have a sign with beverages for an engagement party, but there were easily over 100 people there and 2-3 people manning the drink station, so I wanted to make sure everyone could see what was available so things would go a little more smoothly.

DIY Wedding Signs

As I mentioned earlier, this was actually an artwork frame that I removed the art and backing from. The glass was simply reattached to the back with hot glue and it has survived over 12 hours of road trips and being jostled around! I used Nazeefa and Century Gothic on this sign with white vinyl.

DIY Wedding Signs

This one isn’t a sign, but I thought it was cute, fun project that I found on Style Me Pretty! This is actually a hula hoop that I spray-painted gold. I wrapped the ribbon strands around the backside of the hoop and attached them with hot glue. The florals were also hot-glued on, and the photos are sepia 4×4 prints from Walgreens.

Here’s what it looked like while we were setting up for the party!

DIY Wedding Signs

I was really pleased with myself with coming up with this idea for the food signs, because they’re made with nothing but used scraps from shed and vinyl lettering, of course. (Nazeefa here too).

DIY Wedding Signs

If you remember my makeup vanity project, those pieces of acrylic were actually cut from the remnants of the sheet of acrylic I used for the table top. Not gonna lie, I was scared! But, the miter saw had no problem cutting through the acrylic. The “stands” are made from 2×6 scraps that I had laying around.

DIY Wedding Signs

I just eyeballed everything – the first cut in each “stand”, I tried to only cut halfway through the wood about 1/2 in away from the right edge. This “slit” is where the sign would sit. I then made the second cut, all the way through, 1/2 in to the left of the center slit – this was the definitely the safest way to make these! If you find yourself getting too close to the blade, just get yourself a new, longer piece of wood to work with. This is not worth losing any fingers over!

DIY Wedding Signs

Early American stain is good for everything, my friends!

DIY Wedding Signs

Not everything that I DIY is about saving money – I love making things! Since we were planning a large wedding, and considering how much folks charge to make even small signs, I was SO grateful that I had my Cricut on-hand. But, If anyone has any tips on how to hand-letter when you have terrible handwriting, I’m excited to hear them!

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