Balustrade Coffee Table

Can I just say that is SO like me to wait almost 3 years after building something to post about it? That’s just how dedicated I am to procrastinating, friends.

When I saw the plans for this Restoration Hardware-esque beauty from Jen at The House Of Wood, it was love at first sight.

I finagled the plans a little to fit our space and a new era was born. Gone were the days of a new coffee table every 5-6 months because I am the world’s most indecisive person.

Not going to lie though, it had a couple of facelifts. Above was the original look, which I believe was stained with Minwax Weathered Oak and Minwax Classic Grey.

I’ll admit that I don’t love breadboard ends, and 2×6’s around here tend to have quite a bit of shrinkage. I got tired of looking at the warpy boards and ended up pulling the top off and building a new tabletop with mitered corners and painted the base Valspar Ultra White. (I made a base for the original top and sold it off on Craigslist.)

That’s brings us to the present time. I actually HATED the finish of the second tabletop (I was a little too heavy handed with the dry brushing), so I took the opportunity to take it down to raw wood. I used Early American, LIGHTLY dry brushed with Minwax Pickling Stain, and then washed the whole thing with super diluted Pickling Stain.

The white base of the coffee table had been getting SO dirty with black dog hair and, well, feet…and I knew I had to start transitioning the house to its future Airbnb decor. I gave the base a couple new costs of paint before selling it. If you’re wondering where our rug went…we had to move it outside because of this one:

She is so cute, but makes it so hard to keep the house clean, as you can see! Yes, she has a Costco brand bed…it’s literally about the 8th bed she’s had in her 3 short years of being alive.

So, I said goodbye to my favorite coffee table in an effort to put something more renter-proof in its place. But, I’m hoping to reincarnate this baby whenever our next house is finally built. Not all was lost though, I used the profits from the coffee table to upgrade my 6-year-old miter saw. 😉

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  1. The coffee table looks beautiful. I have the same as your original and mybwarped boards other me too! Never thought about ripping top off before….. I have the problem of my local Home Depot always have warped boards in every size. Any suggestions. Makes building anything difficult!!

    1. Thank you!!

      Warped boards are so frustrating. Even when I buy straight 2×6’s, they’re so wet that they end up warping once they dry out. We don’t have a garage or anywhere for me to let the wood dry and acclimate, so whenever I need a piece to be really flat, I choose 1x appearance boards. When I do use 2x’s I alternate the boards next to each other so the grain is up/down/up/down (a lot of woodworkers argue whether this really helpful or not) and make sure to use lots of glue and clamp well!

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