DIY Farmhouse Leaning Mirror

Hi friends! I found this mirror when I was Marie Kondo-ing old photos and decided I needed to post a shortie on how I made a huge leaning floor mirror on the cheap.

Step 1. Find an old vanity mirror from Craigslist. I picked this one (3’x4′) up FO FREE from a woman who was renovating her bathroom. I’ve also picked up larger ones (4’x6′) from Craigslist’s on the cheap – people are always trying to get rid of their frameless bathroom mirrors!

Step 2. Build frame from 1×6 boards with mitered corners. Attach with wood glue and L-brackets (I also used pocket holes for good measure). If I was being completely honest…I cannot remember for the life of me how  to get this finish. I *think* it may be: Early American layered with Minwax Whitewash Pickling Stain.

Step 3. Attach mirror to backside of frame using heavy duty mirror clips (I used 2 on each side). If you want to be extra, like me, pull some leftover florals out and staple them to a corner.


After we removed the carpet, I built this stand to lift the mirror off the floor and to prevent it from sliding. I cut up a 2×4 into 3 pieces – there is one piece laying flat down in the center with the two other pieces standing up, flanking the flat piece. I screwed it all together and it was perfect!

I’ve since sold this mirror, because I wanted to change up the decor, but I miss it all the time!

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