DIY Wood Plank Wall

Wood Plank Entry Wall

DIY Wood Plank Wall


This post is longggggg past due – I think I actually completed this wall in July/August of last year…woops! It was relatively painless and made SUCH a big difference to the entry of the house!

…alright. Here’s the before:


DIY Wood Plank Wall


For the longest time, I had no idea what I wanted to do with this weird little wall. I picked up that lovely vintage coat rack from a local antique shop. And that old church pew from Craigslist (don’t worry, I always intended to paint it!). I’m not entirely sure what plan I originally had for the faux demijohn bottle sitting in the corner…well, you get the picture. This space was screaming, “Halllppp me”!

So, I got to work.


DIY Wood Plank Wall


I used these pine tongue-and-groove planks from Lowes, which were a breeze a work with. It is without a doubt, almost always easier to finish pieces before you put them up on a wall, so I gave each plank a once-over with Minwax Early American Stain, and used a dry brush to give it some character with Minwax Whitewash Pickling Stain. Once all that was dry, I used a rag to quickly wipe on/off another light layer of the Whitewash Pickling Stain.


DIY Wood Plank Wall


I guess I got a little lazy with the photos at some point, because I could not find any photos of the actual process after that on my computer…again, oops! Here’s the gist of the whole thing – I cut the boards down to fit the length of the wall and lightly sanded the edges.

When attaching the planks to the wall, I started with the first board “groove” side down against the baseboard trim. I used just a small amount of liquid nails on either end of the planks, and used my handy Ryobi Airstrike Brad Nailer to drive finishing nails in at an angle into the “tongue” portion of each plank. (I know this sounds confusing without some visual context – there are a lot of YouTube videos on how to do this). Rinse and repeat. To conceal any “rough” edges, I glued/nailed some wood trim that had been given the same stain treatment to either edge of the wall.

I used my jigsaw to cut out a space for the outlet in the two affected planks before installing them. You’ll want to remove the outlet cover, and make sure your “cutout” is smaller than the cover, so that any rough cuts will be concealed by the cover when you replace it.


DIY Wood Plank Wall


Our ceilings are 10′ high, so I made the plank portion of the wall just under 5′. Above the planks, a painted 2×6 was screwed to wall, directly into the studs. To the 2×6, I attached an (also painted) 1×6 board to make a short ledge for holding pretty things.

Don’t forget the molding! I attached wood molding under the ledge and under the 2×6. And I cannot stress enough the importance of spackle and caulk to fill in any screw/nail holes, and creating a seamless, professional look. Because everything was already painted before it went up on the wall, all I had to do was add a little touch-up paint to any areas, as needed.


DIY Wood Plank Wall


The metal hooks are from Hobby Lobby (50% off, baby!), and are super sturdy for my heavy bags and coats during the wintertime. I need to update my wreath for the season, but am super happy to have a place to display my old window!
DIY Wood Plank Wall


So there you have it, folks! Here’s a night shot under the lights.

’til next time!

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  1. Very Nice Christy. To think you acted like you had no clue what to do when you came out and helped me. I think you’re selling yourself short. You’re very talented. So whenever you get tired of the nutrition world, you can run AddiAsh Pensacola. 😁

    1. Haha thanks, Nick! A lot of reading and a little bit of YouTube helps get my amateur self through most of these projects!

  2. Which is completely fine. You have the ability and skill set to be able to watch or read something and then put it into action. Very few people are able to do that in this arena.

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