DIY coffee table w/Restoration Hardward Finish

Coffee Table Facelift & Restoration Hardware Finish

Remember that Pinterest-inspired coffee table I shared with you guys in the last post?

DIY Coffee Table - $30!

Since I had been planning to build a balustrade coffee table for The Tarragona House, my cousins had called dibs on our old one (above). So, I got to work trying to refinish the table to look more like the inspiration photo below.


Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a whole lot of reclaimed wood, so I had to make do with some finishing tricks to give it that rustic, lived-in look.

After many failed attempts at taking the old tabletop down the barebones (twice!) and not being able to get the stain just the way I wanted it, I gave up and built a whole new tabletop using 1x’s for a more streamlined feel.

DIY coffee table w/Restoration Hardward Finish

While browsing through tons (I mean, tons) of wood stain combinations, I came across this Restoration Hardware finish on Remodelaholic. It’s fairly easy to achieve with just 3 layers of stain: Minwax Weathered Oak, White Wash Pickling Stain, and Jacobean.

And, it turned out beautifully!

DIY coffee table w/Restoration Hardward Finish

DIY coffee table w/Restoration Hardward Finish

Photos don’t do it justice – but, of course, Stella never turns down a photo op!

DIY coffee table w/Restoration Hardward Finish

We didn’t quite have room to put the coffee table back in place at this point, since there was a whole new coffee table in its place. So, I temporarily “staged” just to see what it would look like. 🙂 It is now out of the house, and into my cousins’ new swank apartment.

Teaser! Here’s a peek at the RH-inspired balustrade coffee table that’s now in its place.

DIY RH Balustrade Coffee Table

More to come – til next time!

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  1. Hi! I LOVE your grey wash on the farmhouse table and I see you left how you did it. But, I still have questions. On step 2 you said both the rustoleum grey stain and minwax. Does this mean you mixed the two 50/50? Also, when you applied each stain, did you wipe off afterwords?


    1. Hi Amanda! On Step 2, it says 70/30 Rustoleum Weathered Gray and Minwax Early American, meaning a mix of 70% Weathered Gray and 30% Early American. And yes, always wipe off excess stain! 🙂

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