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Past Projects

The house is still in a bit of disarray since the laundry room floor is still not fixed. The contractor wasn’t able to find matching flooring anywhere in town or online…fortunately, they let us pick out new flooring in the color of our choice. Hopefully, I’ll be sharing the new driftwood finish for the laundry room with you guys soon!

Anywho, we’ve been in and out of town and just overall busy lately, so I’ve been trying to cool it with starting any new projects (hah!). I got to looking through some old photos, and just found it crazy to think that it was less than two years ago that I started refinishing and building furniture. Most of these were actually done on the front porch of a tiny (576 sq ft!) house that we were renting previously.

Here’s a look back at a few of the pre-blog projects.


Dresser Turned Buffet

We picked up this old dresser for $30 off of Craigslist – it was solid wood, and pretty heavy, but ended up being GROSS on the inside. Like, I literally found two roaches crawling around in it when the drawers came out. Ugh…I ended up removing all the liners under the drawers and sanitizing the crap out of it.

Dresser makeover

Here it is after some chalk paint and distressing! I hadn’t quite made it into woodworking at this point in time, so I used some painted plywood cut by Lowes to line the shelves – you can see where they aren’t even attached to the piece. Don’t ask about the decor…I don’t know what to say about all that.

Dresser makeover

When we moved into the Tarragona house, I gave the whole thing a fresh coat of regular ol’ latex paint and installed solid wood (stained in Dark Walnut) for the center shelves. Then I turned around and sold it…you’ll see a pattern of this pretty soon.

I can be a real nut when it comes to getting rid of stuff, and this photo was actually taken before the paint even dried and posted to Craigslist/Facebook “Craiglist”.

Dresser makeover


Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

This was an easy-but-goody project that I still love. There are a lot of tutorials floating around online about how to make one of these, but if I could make any recommendation to you, it would be to definitely invest in a cobalt drill bit. It is a PAIN to drill holes into the hose clamps!

On a side note…I still haven’t put this up in our new house!

IMG_6214 copy


Rustic X TV Stand

This baby was my very first build. I was so in love with Liz Marie’s tv console, and begged the SO to borrow some tools and build me one that would fit in the tiny rental we were previously living in. Of course, that never happened…

This, along with some transient delirium, is what led me to buying my own miter saw and building my first piece of furniture. It took me probably 8-10 hrs to get this whole thing together, and I was terrified the entire time. But since then, I’ve been totally addicted. The plans that I adjusted from are available from Ana White.

This TV stand is now living with our friends :).

IMG_6272 copy

IMG_6271 copy


Reupholstered Wingback Chair & Ottoman

Yeah…it’s been several months and I still don’t want to talk about this one. I bought this old wingback chair off of Craigslist way, way back for $40 (ripoff in retrospect) and decided I was going to reupholster it. The bright pink ottoman is actually an old Walmart Mainstays piece I picked up when I was in high school (to match my all-pink-everything room, of course). Not sure why I didn’t grab any photos of the chair before I ripped all the old fabric off, but I’ll bet I was thinking that it wouldn’t be naked for long.

WRONG. Seriously one of the worst ideas I’ve ever had. This project was such a huge pain in the ***, and then I ended up losing money on it when it was sold. I was so ready to get it out of the house, and had grown to hate the fabric before the project was even done.

Lesson learned.

IMG_6304 copy


Chest of Drawers to TV Console

This project was done for the sheer purpose of selling. I scored this solid wood dresser from Craigslist (of course) for $40.

IMG_6394 copy

Chalk-painted the entire thing, removed the top two drawers, and added planks for a shelf. I ended up selling this as a TV console – the new owners put a hole through the back to run wires through. I used the money to buy myself a new circular saw 🙂 .

IMG_6437 copy


Cutting Board iPad Stand

I scored this awesome old cutting board at the thrift shop for $4 and haven’t been able to find one since! I just used some scrap 1×2 to build the iPad rest, and attached scrap 2×4 cut into a triangle to stand it at an angle.

IMG_6353 copy


X Desk

This was my second “real furniture” build. It took forever, as I was still trying to figure out my miter saw with all the angles involved here. Plans from Ana White, but of course, I had to scale the desk back to fit the tiny old Devilliers house.

IMG_6381 copy

In the end, I think it still turned out pretty nicely! Don’t worry, we didn’t bring those ugly curtains with us to the new house. The desk now has a wonderful new home with some of our awesome friends.

IMG_6406 copy


Pinterest-Inspired Coffee Table

Have you guys ever seen this coffee table on Pinterest?


I have not been able to find the original source for the life of me!

So, I keep finding that coffee table on Pinterest and of course, I really want it, but couldn’t find any plans for it. It ended up not being too difficult to draw up plans to fit our living room, but it I’ll be honest…it took a bit of brainpower. I had never had to come up with my own furniture plans at that point in time, and this was my 3rd furniture build at the Devilliers house.

IMG_6513 copy

I was a little disappointed in the way it turned out. Making it taller and skinner to fit in the old rental living room changed the whole look. I was also unhappy with my stain color choice, and it continued to haunt me up until about a week ago…

when I took it down to barebones and restained the top for my cousins to add to their new apt. 🙂


I’ll be building us an Anthro-inspired coffee table that I’m SO excited to share with you guys…whenever it actually happens.

Okay! Moving on.


DIY Rustic Hollywood Mirror

I wasn’t sure this one was going to work out when I was doing it…

You’ll find several DIY Hollywood mirror tutes on the interwebs, but they’re all done a little bit differently, and none of them seemed to work for me, so I had to sort of wing it like I always do.

I actually picked up this large bathroom vanity mirror from (you guessed it!) Craigslist FO FREE. It measures 3’x4′ and isn’t perfect, but you can’t beat free!
IMG_7381 copy

The frame is built of 1x6s with a little bit of a 1×2 lip attached in the back to hide the cords. I bought the cheapest sphere vanity lights I could find at Lowes, and did some electrical wiring for like…the second time in my life. I wish I could tell you guys how I did this, but I honestly don’t remember.

The only thing I remember clearly is how frustrated I was when I was putting it all together thinking it wasn’t going to work…but as you can see, it did! And I love it!

While I wish I could go back in time and buy a larger vanity table, I got this mirror vanity from Amazon (affiliate link) for pretty cheap. I actually saw one at Pier One that looked exactly like it! (For 3x the price.)


Bathroom Built-In Shelves 

The water closet in the master bath of our current house had this awkward, narrow space (waste of space, more like it).  And since I’ll never say no to more storage, I built in some shelving with 1xs and 3/4″ plywood.

I’m sure some of you have already noticed what’s wrong with the “after”…I gotta admit that I had no idea what kind of molding to buy, and only after making over the laundry room did I realize that this isn’t crown molding on my bathroom built-in. Oops! I do plan on removing it and replace the top and bottom pieces with crown molding eventually, but right now, I just don’t care enough. Haha!

IMG_7489 copy

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

This table is made of LITERAL blood, sweat, and tears. I won’t get into all the gory deets, but I ended up breaking my toe (open fracture) with one of those damn 2x8s from the tabletop and had to have surgery. Then, I hobbled around everywhere in a boot for 6 weeks.

The table itself is pretty straightforward, though. Plans from Ana White 🙂.

For anyone wondering about the finish – the stains are layered in this order:

  1. Minwax Early American
  2. 70/30 Rustoleum Weathered Gray/Minwax Early American
  3. Light wipe of Rustoleum Sunbleached after sanding the edges

IMG_7399 copy

At this point, I’m sure some of you are thinking we’ve got a lot of the X and angle-y furniture going on in the house. The reality is that the X TV stand and desk are both now living with our friends, and the coffee table soon to be living with my cousins :). Our new coffee table will be made with balustrade legs, and eventually, I’ll be building us a chunky pedestal dining table to replace this one. Because, again, I get tired of looking at things and want them out of the house.

There have been a lot of little projects, and projects for family and friends along the way, as well. I just figured I would “immortalize” a few of the pieces in the blog for later reference. Cause…you know, I’m getting old and I just don’t remember things the way I used to 😉 . Don’t let the winky face fool you, I’m being completely serious…

‘Til next time!

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  1. Hi! Where are your chairs from that you have paired with your farmhouse table? The beige/linen looking ones? Gorgeous table!

    1. I use regular latex paint from the home improvement stores + calcium carbonate powder in a 2:1 ratio. Add water, as needed to thin it out. Hope this helps!

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